Funded Projects

Our foundation is about better serving our community through providing financial support for the Rogers Public Library. Through your donations we have been able to Grant many programs/projects in 2018. See the examples below for the many ways your donations bring good to the library and the Rogers community.


Children’s Early Literacy Tablets with brackets, and chairs in bright colors
Updated iPads—2 for children’s STEAM programs in addition to what the children are using for early literacy; I for Teen programming as they expand STEAM and coding; 2 for adults for computer literacy and adult STEAM
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Tablet
Kindle Fire


The Library is expanding STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) programming for all ages including coding and the iPads can be used for robotics programming. The adult department is in the process of increasing computer literacy classes and receives regular inquiries on help setting up and downloading our services, especially Library2Go, RBDigital and the products.


Flash drives containing instructional information about library services especially online resources with links to the services.
Flash drives will contain instructional information about our databases to use at schools and community outreach and to be able to leave this resource to teachers and other education providers. This would be a start to this type of resource that could be used by educators for group presentations as we work to increase development of Niche Academy and add resources to this online product and customize more for some of our products.
-Educational Brochures

ON-LINE RESOURCES—live homework assistance and test support
Many students use the service most months, we are continuing to see new students register each month. We have been working with the elementary schools to attend open houses and talk about our resources. Library staff have gone to the high schools and demonstrated and talked about online resources. is always one we highlight and is gaining in popularity.